Impact of New Willful Misconduct Ruling on Recovery of Workers’ Compensation Benefits

by Frank A. Wasser, Esq.

A recent ruling by the Georgia Supreme Court expanded the scope of the “willful misconduct defense” in favor of employers and insurers. In Chandler Telecom, LLC v. Burdette, the court held […]

How Will Georgia’s New Cannabis Law Impact Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

by Frank A. Wasser, Esq.

On May 9, 2017, Governor Deal signed into law an expansion of Georgia’s medical marijuana program, which allows certain patients the ability to possess up to 20 ounces of cannabis oil […]

Avoiding Liability as a Statutory Employer: Steps to Ensure You Won’t be Responsible when a Subcontractor’s Employee Gets Hurt

by Frank Wasser, Esq.

Too often, general contractors and other businesses who hire or “sub-contract” work out to another company find themselves “on the hook” when an employee of the subcontractor gets hurt on the job; […]

Recent Case Finds that Title VII Bars Employers from Discriminating on the Basis of Sexual Orientation

by Vincent A. Toreno, Esq.

Title VII prohibits several types of discrimination including discrimination “because of sex.” But the courts have refused to accept sexual orientation as a protected class under Title VII. However, court opinions […]

With More Workers Failing Drug Tests, Some Employers Turn to Refugees as Ready Replacements

by Vincent A. Toreno, Esq.

Following years of decline, the number of employees testing positive for drugs has increased steadily and is now at a ten-year high according to a report recently released by Quest Diagnostics. […]

Is an Injury Compensable When it Happened on a Personal Errand? Maybe – If You’re a Continuous Employee

by Vincent A. Toreno, Esq.

Although the general rule is that an injury sustained while an employee is going to and from work does not arise out of and in the course of the employment, there […]

KDA is Pleased to Announce New Associates Tyler Jones and Chris Pugh

KDA continues to grow and welcomes new associates Tyler Jones and Chris Pugh!

Tyler obtained his law degree from the University of Georgia. While in law school, he worked for the Gwinnett County Law Department, where […]

Trump’s “2-for-1” Regulation Reform May Impact Recently Enacted OSHA Rules

by Jennifer M. Smith, Esq.

President Trump recently signed an executive order which would require agencies, including OSHA, to eliminate two prior regulations for each new regulation which is issued. This could mean that recently enacted […]

Firefighter Cancer Bill Won’t be Extinguished, but Moves out of Work Comp Arena

by Jennifer M. Smith, Esq.

After Governor Deal vetoed a similar bill last year, firefighters in Georgia vowed to renew efforts for legislation allowing firefighters to more easily obtain workers’ compensation benefits for occupational diseases such […]

Effective Communication with Physicians

by Jennifer M. Smith, Esq.

We recently gave a presentation on how to effectively communicate with physicians. Because medical opinions are the cornerstone of most workers’ compensation cases, we wanted to share the suggestions with all […]